Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spend time with your family, everyday is precious

Today I spend some quality time with my family (Parent and Sibling), we went to the Singapore Zoo.

My Mom told me that she has not been to the zoo for the past 30 years and she really amaze by all the changes, especially the open concept used by the zoo where animals have more space to move around the enclosure. 

Well, I have very fond memories of the zoo. When I was still a young kid, my Dad actually managed to loss us in the zoo. During that time, my Brother and I went missing at the zoo. When we were hungry we will just go to the toilet and drink from the tap water. While my brother was cool about being lost (he was busy reading at the bookstore), I cried from the hunger and losing my Dad. Lucky for us, some kind people / staff notice me and later we were reunited with my Dad.

I still remember that the first meal I had after being "found" was an A&W fast food, sadly this fast food restaurant had ceased operation in Singapore. I still remember that my Mom was so worried that she rushed from work down to the zoo, my Dad was lucky that she arrived slowly after we were found else my Dad will get a longer earful from my Mom.

Wow, how time has flies and I am now a 30+ guy. Now it is my turn to bring my parent to the zoo and I am so glad that I did, it is a great feeling to spend quality time with my loved ones. 

Please remember that every day while we are growing old, our parent are also growing old. When was the last time you actually take a good look at your parent. So please, when your parent are still around I hope you can treasure them and spend some time with them, bring them out for meal or fun or just talk to and listen to them.

I know I would do so and I know that I would looked back with fondness as I looked back to those memories. 

I hope that you and your family will be free from harm and take care of yourself happily.