Sunday, April 14, 2013

The past 6 weeks...

Well, I have been reading a lot of Dhamma books in the past 6 weeks than I would have in the past 1 year. Maybe it is the suffering that I am having on the job given that I was not working for the past 2 years but it is a "good" kind of suffering that teaches people. Anyway here are some random thoughts that came into my mind in the past 2 days. Hope you may find it useful.

Be a good farmer, 
Knowing what seeds yield the most profit,
Watering the crop and removing weeds,
Using compost and letting nature do its work,
Knowing that all thing has its place and time.

When sensation arise, thoughts without wisdom is like adding oil to fire, things get burn down.
While thoughts with wisdom is like adding water to fire, putting out the raging fire.
If there's not enough water, one should stand aside and let the fire burn itself out.

He sat there watching,
watching Mara's armies and tempting daughters,
He sat there patiently and endure,
endure the rising and falling of sensation,
He with patient and compassion, gone across to the other shore.