Friday, December 2, 2011

My Alternative "wisdom"

It occurred to me that I have some thoughts that might be interesting to others (maybe I am just egoistic that people might like them, LoL).

So I decided to publish some of my thoughts here if and when they come up. They tend to be the opposite of the conventional wisdom that I like to read in my leisure time.

So here it is people, and I affectionally, named it as My Alternative "Wisdom"

Conventional Wisdom
  1. We been told or had read that when we are angry, we should breath in slowly. But does this really help for those that are not mindful of their emotion? I know from my martial arts training that when we are fighting or scare, we tend to hold our breath, so why not take this to the extreme.
My Alternative "Wisdom"
  1. If there's 1 thing people should learn is to hold their breath when they are angry, since there is less air to fuel you internal fire and you might not talk too much without breath. Best of all, you might faint and there is one less person for the other to argue with.

1 comment:

  1. well i know laughing at the realisation of my own silly attempts at controlling how the other party thinks has backfired by fueling the other's fire. We take ourselves too seriously too often.D