Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally

Finally!!! I finally got hold of the book and finished reading it. I came across this book like 8yrs - 10yrs ago and wanted to borrow and read it but did not actually get to it. Maybe if I read it then, my present might be different but maybe not, who knows.

The point is that Geshe Michael Roach has presented an idea on Kamma which makes sense to my understanding of Kamma.

First of, Kamma is not something that cannot be change or influence. It is not like if you kill a bug you will come back as a bug. Kamma is well-known as intentional action, thus if there is no intention behind your action, there is no Kamma formed. Whatever Kamma that was formed in the past, it will bear fruit in the present and how you deal with it now will determine your future.

Geshe Michael Roach presented the idea that what we see and experience now is due to the seeds we planted in the past, since all things are empty of their own nature the only things that influence how we view an event / present are the seeds that is bearing fruit now.

I thought about this and it makes sense, if a person is habitually negative in his world view, sooner or later that person will be condition to see all things in that sort of framework, he will also perceive things that happened to him in that framework. Thus what we need to do it to be very careful in our speech, action and thoughts.

In order that we create the future that we want, we have to start planting new positive seeds in those 3 areas. I am looking forward to reading Geshe Michael Roach's book on Kamma management and so I do not have a solution now on how to deal with negative seeds that were already planted except to say that we have to bear with whatever results that will arise from those bad sees, the most important thing is to break the cycle and instaed plant good seeds.

Take care my readers and may you plant good seeds so that we may reach Nibbana together.

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