Sunday, July 4, 2010

Buddhist Music

I "returned" home to Buddhism due to having a personal issue and subsequently coming across Imee Ooi Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (aka Heart Sutra). I remembered that I cried after listened to it. I still cried for 2 days every time I listen to it.

I felt so much at peace after I listened to it. The transformation of my mind actually starts that day and I realized that there is nothing more important than having a mind at peace. As I listen to (2) I am crying again because the music is just so touching.

Thus I want to introduce some music to reader of this blog. I hope the music may have some effect on you too. If not, just take it as a relaxing music. May peace be upon you.


Here is the lyrics for (2)

Om Nan Mo Ba Ga Wa Di , Sar-ng Wa Duo-r Ga De , Wa Na Su Da Ne Run- Za Ya , Da A Ta Ga Da Ya , A-r Ha De , Sang- Ya Sang- Bu Da Ya , Dai Ya Ta Om Shu Da Ne Shu Da Ne , Sa-r Wa A Ba A Wa, Ba Shu Da Ne Su De , Ba Su De , Sa-r Wa Ga-erm Ma , A Wa Ren- Na , Ba Shu Da Ne , Ye Sou Ha

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