Sunday, April 11, 2010

Management and the Dhamma

I believe in Deva. Now don't get me wrong thinking that I believe in a God-like entity but recent events does make this belief stronger. You see, whenever I have a problem somehow or rather I will come upon the solution in surprising ways and solve the issue.

In case, the readers have some misunderstanding about belief in Deva in Buddhism, please refer to this article by Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera on Belief in Deities (Devas)

One example is like the article below; I used to have a problem with people not getting back to me (either email or SMS), it make me think about all sorts of things. Maybe the person was busy, maybe she does not like me etc.

The article, while management based, did answer my question.
(1) That lack of respond bred insecurity;
(2) We fill up and create stories of why people don't respond.

What is so Dhamma about this is how we use our head on such situation when people do not respond to us.

It is interesting that Dhamma is all around us and all we need to do is listen and observe.

Below is a summary of the article, you can find the full article here.

3 Steps for Addressing the Uncertainty of Silence

Silence is the worst kind of feedback — it is ambiguous and generic. When you don't know why someone hasn't called you back or responded to your email, it is all too easy to assume the worst. Here are three steps to take if you're getting the silent treatment:

1. Accept that you don't know. Acknowledge that you don't know what the silence really means. Resist the temptation to fill in the blanks with your own insecurities.
2. Ask for clarity. Reach out to the person and ask him to tell you why he's not responding.
3. Believe the answer. Whatever the response — he was too busy, he forgot — don't read between the lines. Accept it as truth and move on.

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  1. Hey Tathiya, maybe you're presurizing yourself based on others, which can be a cruel thing to do to ourselves. Let's be kind to ourselves just like we would be kind to others.

    With best wishes & do keep on writting!