Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dhamma from mocha tea with ice-cream


Was with my Bro at a Japanese restaurant last Sun (28 Feb 2010).

Had some problem with people interaction and was just glad that the family is there. Indeed, nothing can replace the love and concern from family.

Was having a mocha tea with mocha ice-cream after a fantastic dinner and having a great time eating the ice-cream but soon it melted into the tea. At this, I told my Bro that the ice-cream has dissolved and he made the most insightful comment.

He said that "The ice-cream is still inside the drink, it just change into another form and if it is the form which you don't like, then you will not be happy."

Wow....you cannot believe the impact this had on my problem. I relate back to my experience and have this insight on my own.

Once when this person was in one form, this person gave me a kind of feeling. When this person changed that external form, my feeling changes.

Actually only the external look has changed but the internal may not have change but my feeling has already changed.

I decided now instead of only seeing the external of someone, I shall get to know them and accept them as they are and not impost my own interpretation / assumption / expectation on them which will distort my interaction and relationship with them.

Such distortion also cause oneself to behave differently in private and in public, such is the hypocrisy of people.

I shall be true to myself.

**Update - 23 Mar 2010**
Well, was telling my brother on this topic and he told me that it should be attachment to our perception of the form that we like which is causing all those stress. The form and it changes are by itself just that, a form, it is our attachment to our view of it which brings happiness or suffering.

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  1. The comment your Brother made abt the icecream Reminds me abt Death of Humans, we are there but just in some other form, but still the People Lament for the Dead.

    Quite Insightful article.