Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buddha already telling us what to do in Meditation!!

I just finished reading the book (Unexpected Freedom) by Ajahn Munindo and I really like it. It seems to be speaking directly to my heart and asking me to see things as it is. That suffering arises due to ignorance and not seeing and letting things be the way it is.

Please read Ajahn Munindo Unexpected Freedom and think about the messages in the book.

Well, the main reason I wrote this entry is because I had a minor realization of meditation practice thanks to Ajahn Munindo's book and the picture above.

I am sure readers will know that the picture depicted the Buddha being attacked by Mara, his daughters and army before the Lord's enlightenment.

I want to quote this paragraph from Ajahn Munindo's book:

"If we get carried away by the passions, we act on them and do things without due care, driven by wild energy. So our task is to be able to stay there in the centre, when the energy is raging, without repressing, without pushing down so we get a stomach disorder or a heart attack. We neither indulge in fantasies, nor act out passion, but follow a middle way of being sensitive, yet still and centred, when the passions are in full flight – this is the means by which we can gradually undo our habitual patterns of avoidance."

Well, what did the Buddha did when Mara, his daughters and his army attacked Him. The Lord sat there and mindfully acknowledged what was going round in his head, he notice the arising, and falling away of the feeling and emotion. He did not push those things away or hold onto them.

I am using the picture above as a reminder to myself that I should also be calm in the heat of emotion and feeling, to watch, acknowledge, know the arising and passing away of those feeling and not associating to it. I tried it and bear with some feeling and emotion and I must say that it felt great that I was able to gain control over myself and not be carry away, the task now is to be able to notice the arising of emotion earlier and catch it before I act on it.

I think I should write to Ajahn Munindo and tell him how much I benefited from his book.

With Metta to Ajahn Munindo.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

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